Pasig City,  Oct 19, 2023 – The fifth installment of the esteemed Onofre D. Corpuz Lecture Series, held on October 19, illuminated the profound sig reframing in fostering innovation.  Dr. Eduardo T. Gonzalez, former President of the Development Academy of the Philippines and an Eminent Fellow, led the lecture with a compelling exploration of maritime opportunities and technological platforms within the context of reframing.  Joining him as panel reactors were DAP Academic Council members Dr. Maria Corazon Lopez and Dr. Ma. Lourdes Rebullida, and DAP Graduate School of Public and Development Management Dean, Dr. Lizan Perante-Calina. 

Dr. Gonzalez elucidated how the reframing serves as a catalyst for the deconstruction of prevailing beliefs, paving the way for fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.  He emphasized the necessity of first “zooming out” to gain a holistic understanding of the broader issues before “zooming in” to craft novel viewpoints.  Dr. Gonzalez shed light on the Philippines’ current fixation on land-based progress, stressing the untapped potential of land-sea interaction.  Furthermore, he elaborated on digital platforms as invaluable tools for reframing, supporting the idea of expanding land-sea interaction.  Dr. Gonzalez also discussed the pivotal role that DAP could play in spearheading the creation of new frames and engaging other relevant agencies in the reframing process.  Recognizing that frame acceptance in government often faces barriers, he provided guidance for aspiring “frame designers,” in emphasizing the importance of assembling a diverse design team and harnessing DAP’s network of current and alumni scholars to foster government collaboration.  

In response, Dr. Calina articulated that innovation, the heart of reframing, hinges on imagination – an area where the government often falls short.  She stressed the need to cultivate 21st-century competencies to address contemporary challenges effectively.  She also pointed out that the private sector serves as a model for bureaucracy in generating innovative solutions, and while some have been adopted by the government, progress in the Philippines lags behind its Asian neighbors.  She concluded by affirming that reframing is a vital tool for DAP to recalibrate its mindset, values, protocols, and procedures, paving the way for the innovation DAP ardently champions. 

Dr. Lopez underscored the significance of Dr. Gonzalez’ points and urged the young generation in the audience to explore the possibilities of land-sea interaction and the vast potential of the maritime sector.  She highlighted the digital platform examples presented by Dr. Gonzalez as illustrative of the transition from old systems to new, adaptable ones.  Dr. Lopez noted that the government lags in this aspect, stressing the bureaucracy’s role as a catalyst for change.  She encouraged young individuals to seize the opportunity to be part of DAP’s transformative journey. 

Dr. Rebullida concluded the segment by expanding on Dr. Gonzalez’ insights. She suggested the establishment of a “moving hub” at DAP, a multifaceted institution acting as the policy hub, intellectual hub, and academic teaching hub for the entire nation. 

Dr. Ben Malayang III, who will serve as the guest speaker for the sixth run of the ODC Lecture Series, also joined the discussion via Zoom. The sixth and final installment of the series for 2023 is scheduled for Nov 20, 2023, with both in-person and online participation options available via Zoom and Facebook live. 

About the Onofre D. Lecture Series: 

The ODC Lecture Series, presented by the Development Academy of the Philippines, serves as a platform for thought leaders to share their insights and ignite discussions on the pivotal role played by DAP in navigating the complexities of a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.  These luminaries have graced the stage and have meticulously woven together the threads of past and present while offering astute glimpses into the future.