The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), through its Productivity and Development Center (PDC), organized a Public Forum on the Modernizing Government Regulations Program’s (MGRP) 2023 Regulatory Review at the Wynwood Hotel in Pasig City last December 5. The event aimed to present and validate the research findings and recommendations crafted by DAP study teams, focusing on enhancing the regulatory landscape in five key sectors and industries.

Attended by 98 stakeholders from diverse sectors, including Clinical Laboratory, Consumer Goods and Retail, Hazardous Healthcare Waste Management, Livestock Subsector, and Socialized Housing, the forum provided a platform for both onsite and online participation.

In his opening remarks, Arnel D. Abanto, vice president of the Productivity and Development Center, expressed gratitude to the stakeholders for their unwavering support throughout the series of consultations for the regulatory review. Emphasizing the importance of the MGRP, Abanto underscored its role in addressing crucial regulatory issues and boosting productivity in priority sectors and industries. Following this, MGRP Manager Lea S. Peralta presented the project background, outlining the scope and focus on the five featured sectors and industries in the 2023 Regulatory Review.

The forum featured breakout groups where participants engaged with presentations from the five study teams, deliberating on their findings and near-final recommendations. Noteworthy outcomes emerged from these discussions.

Stakeholders in the Clinical Laboratory Industry supported the recommendation to consider regional contexts in formulating and adopting laboratory standards, acknowledging the unique experiences of regional staff in the Department of Health’s Regulations, Licensing, and Enforcement Division.

The Consumer Goods and Retail Industry group addressed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the government’s price monitoring activities, revealing challenges due to lockdown-related personnel shortages and increased efforts required to comply with health protocols.

In the Hazardous Healthcare Waste Management group, stakeholders concurred with recommendations to streamline 20-25 duplicative documentary requirements related to the registration of healthcare facilities, aiming to alleviate compliance difficulties.

The Livestock group proposed the simplification of procedures outlined in the Department of Agriculture’s Administrative Order No. 05 s. 2019, particularly focusing on the duplicative processes and documentary requirements faced by meat importers.

Lastly, stakeholders in the Socialized Housing Industry supported the study’s call to standardize local government unit processes, including the number of steps, timeframe, documentary requirements, and fees for permit applications.

Monica Saliendres, director of the PDC-Productivity Development Research Office, integrated the breakout group discussions and recommendations to conclude the public forum. She thanked the stakeholders from the government, private sector, academe, and civil society organizations for their active participation throughout the MGRP’s 2023 Regulatory Review activities. Encouraging advocacy for the adoption of actionable recommendations, Saliendres closed the forum, marking the culmination of a series of impactful consultations and research activities.