DAP-CFG Policy Research Office Director Gilbert E. Lumantao (second photo from top) presenting the results of the 2021 PRA Customer Satisfaction Survey to the PRA counterparts, headed by General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Atty. Janilo E. Rubiato (topmost photo).

The Development Academy of the Philippines’ Center for Governance (DAP-CFG) presented the results of the 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey for the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) to the PRA’s Management Committee last  February 07 via the Microsoft Teams platform. Director Gilbert Lumantao, of the DAP-CFG Policy Research Office, said that the survey results revealed a satisfactory rating for PRA’s services.  He further recommended that PRA should continue improving its services to exceed the expectations of primary clients as well as to address identified priority areas to improve service delivery.

The survey measured the satisfaction level of PRA’s primary customers— lessees/buyers, joint venture partners, and permittees— to determine the factors affecting satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and identify recommendations for service delivery improvements.  The primary customers also assessed the agency’s service attributes, namely Staff, Transactions/Services, Regulatory Services, Complaints Handling and Records Keeping, Information and Communication (Access to Information), Information Platform (Website), and Facilities. To promote transparency and accountability in the government, the DAP also included Integrity as one of the service delivery attributes.


Some 37 primary customers (i.e., 17 joint venture partners, 16 lessees/buyers, and four permittees) participated in the survey via phone interviews conducted from October 13, 2021 to November 4, 2021.

The 2021 PRA Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted to comply with Memorandum Circular 2013-02 issued by the Governance Commission for Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GCG) and the the additional guidelines provided by the GCG   in   2019 which prescribed a   standard methodology to streamline the administration of third-party customer satisfaction surveys for GOCCs.

The PRA, created under Presidential Decree 1084, is an organization mandated to serve as the clearinghouse for all reclamation projects in the Philippines. Since 2019, the PRA has been commissioning the DAP to administer its customer satisfaction surveys as part of the its annual performance evaluation.