Pasig City, March 7, 2022 – The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) signed a memorandum of understanding with foodpanda Philippines on February 24, 2022. The partnership aims to reinforce the data-driven culture in their company by upskilling their workforce through the project Smarter Philippines through Data Analytics, Research and Development, Training, and Adoption (Project SPARTA).

300 scholarship slots will be provided to foodpanda employees through this collaboration. Likewise, the partnership endeavors to promote Data Science and Analytics (DSA) events and provide employment opportunities for SPARTA scholars to bridge the gap between education and employment.

DAP Vice President and SPARTA Project Lead Dr. Alan Cajes and foodpanda Philippines Finance Director Leopoldo De Castro, Jr., represented their respective organizations with SPARTA Project Manager Rea Geraldino and foodpanda Learning and Organizational Development Manager Precy Servito serving as witnesses to the signing ceremony.

“We thank you for allowing us to introduce a data-driven culture into your company. Together, we encourage more collaborations that adopt our advocacy to further empower the competencies of our industries and the people, especially our youth, in promoting a smarter country through Data Science and Analytics,” Cajes said as he expressed DAP’s gratitude to foodpanda in joining the cause towards DSA’s democratization.

Servito also delivered a message of acknowledgement from foodpanda. He expressed that, through the partnership, DSA could be leveraged to improve work performance and enable smart practices and strategies.

“…we, professionals in all job levels and lines of responsibility, have to constantly re-skill and upskill to secure our relevance in the future demands of work. Comprehending and speaking the language of Data Science and Analytics, and to navigate, utilize and maximize this skill within and outside of work units is a step goal for our organization and, absolutely, an avenue to get one percent better every day,” Servito stated.