The Development Academy of the Philippines, through its Center for Governance-Policy Research Office (CFG-PRO), partnered again with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Academy in running the online courses on basic research, and policy development and evaluation for some 40 administrative and technical staff, and supervisors of the DTI.

The course on basic research provided the participants with vital skills, knowledge, and practical step-by-step guide in doing research for a study, policy, or proposal to initiate a new project or program.  CFG-PRO Director Gilbert Lumantao provided an overview of research and its importance in the public sector and discussed research design, data collection methods, guidelines in questionnaire construction as well as effective communication of research results. On the other hand, Eliza Galang, DAP project officer, tackled data analysis concepts and practices. The participants produced data analysis and research brief as workshop outputs.

Participants of the Course on Basic Research with CFG-PRO Director Gilbert E. Lumantao (second row, second photo from left)

Meanwhile, the course on policy development and evaluation, equipped the participants with the knowledge and skills, which enabled them to understand and develop policies effectively. The sessions covered fundamental concepts in public policy, the policy process, policy formulation and development, and writing a policy proposal. The output for this course is a policy memo.

Participants of the Course on Policy Development and Evaluation with Dir. Lumantao (second row, third photo from left)

The courses on basic research, and policy development and evaluation are part of the foundational courses of the DTI Academy’s Project Dalubhasa, a specialist development program focused on developing the competencies of DTI employees in their chosen fields of specialization.

This is the second time the DTI Academy has partnered with DAP to conduct the two training courses. Previously, the DAP trained more than 50 DTI personnel under Project Dalubhasa’s business development, consumer protection, and trade and investment tracks in 2021. This year, the participants of the two courses held on July 11-15 and 18-22, 2022, were from the strategic human resource track.