PASIG CITY, Philippines – The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) and the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) held a Special Session on Dynamic Leadership and Human Resource Management last September 27 at the DAP building in Pasig City.

The session, hosted by the DAP’s Center for Governance, is a component of the Public Management Development Program-Local Government Executives and Managers Class (PMDP-LGEMC) course on Strategic Management for a High Performing Local Government.  Some 68 participants composed of LGEMC Batch 12-Kaligdong scholars, select LGEMC alumni, and DAP officers and staff joined in the discussions. 

Michiru Tamanai , managing director of Lotus Global Advance Pte. LTD served as resource person. Bringing in a wealth of experience from 30-year career, including roles as Human Resource Professional at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations (UN), and the World Health Organization (WHO), Tamani shared innovative Human Resources practices within globally-recognized organizations and academia against a backdrop of a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. She emphasized the need for leaders to be dynamic in the face of global shifts, saying, “Dynamic leaders foster innovations. Adaptive means you will foresee the change, then you will innovate.” 

She underscored the role of innovation and as catalyst for change in human resource management, advocating for competency frameworks, mentoring programs, inclusive training, strategic hiring, and other best practices as crucial elements with far-reaching impacts across various sectors.

The session intended to provide participants with understanding of the global concepts, principles, and practices of dynamic leadership and human resource management as well as to stress the need for clear goals and effective management at all levels, emphasizing their roles in creating agile government spaces.

In photo: On-site participants with Resource Person Michiru Tamanai, DAP officers and staff, and LGEMC Alumni. 

In photos: Resource Person Tamanai with the participants

In Photos: (Left) DAP Officers; (Right) LGEMC Alumni

The PMDP Local Government Executives and Managers Class is a comprehensive training program which aims to strengthen the capabilities of local government functionaries so that they may excel in their roles, be more adaptive in a changing and disruptive environment, and propel good practices and innovations for sustained delivery of public services at the local government level.
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Meanwhile, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) is an intergovernmental organization established in 1961 to increase productivity in the Asia-Pacific region through mutual cooperation. The APO contributes to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the region through policy advisory services, acting as a think tank, and undertaking smart initiatives in the industry, agriculture, service, and public sectors.