The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), through its Productivity and  Development Center, in cooperation with the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), is  conducting the Conference on Urban Agroecology and Food Security on 9  September 2021, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. via Zoom and YouTube Live. This international  virtual conference aims to introduce the concept of urban agroecology, explore best  practices, and promote the concept/system of fresh fruit and vegetable production for  urban farming.  

The conference is set to be attended by international participants from 21 APO  member countries, participants from the Philippines working as policymakers,  government officials, officers of farmers’ associations, agribusiness owners, academics,  and consultants from the agriculture, agribusiness, and urban development sector. The  conference will also be graced by international and local sector experts who are known  for their notable expertise and knowledge in the field of agribusiness, life sciences, agri-food supply chain management, ecology, food security, plant protection, academe and  urban agriculture. 

The highly-relevant four-hour event will tackle timely topics which focus on (1)  Food Security and the Role of Urban Agroecology/Agriculture in a Global Context, (2)  Sustainability of Urban Agriculture for Post-Pandemic Society, (3) Policies and Resources  Support to Help Urban Agriculture, and (4) Best Practices of Urban Agriculture and  Strategies for Implementation.  

Now more than ever, urban agriculture is catching more attention due to the  challenges in the food supply chain brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the DAP  and APO fervently hope that the said conference topics will raise the awareness of the  participants and viewers on the benefits as well as limitations of urban agroecology.  

The conference is free and still open to all who are interested to learn from the said  sector experts through YouTube Live. Interested viewers can still register at: Successful registrants will receive the YouTube link via  email. Certificates of Attendance will also be issued to the accepted YouTube viewers  who complete post-event evaluation and accomplish the attendance forms.

Anchored on the goal of promoting innovative approaches across all sectors of the  economy and bolstering the institutional infrastructure crucial to sustained productivity  improvement especially amid the pandemic, the DAP and APO aspire to further pursue  its commitment to empower leaders, strengthen institutions, and build the nation through  pioneering, value-adding, synergistic ideas, principles, techniques, and technologies  addressing development problems of global significance. For more information, visit, or email