The Development Academy of the Philippines is a Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation established in 1973 with original charter created by Presidential Decree 205, amended by Presidential Decree 1061 and further amended by Executive Order 288.

Pursuant to its charter, the DAP is mandated to:

  1. To foster and support developmental forces at work in the nation’s economy through selective human resources development programs, research, data-collection and information services, to the end that optimization of wealth may be achieved in a manner congruent with the maximization of public security and welfare;
  2. To promote, carry on and conduct scientific, interdisciplinary and policy-oriented research, education , training , consultancy and publication in the broad fields of economics, public administration and political sciences, generally involving the study, determination, interpretation and publication of economic, political and social facts and principles bearing upon development problems of local, national and international significance; and
  3. To discharge a regional role in initiating and catalyzing exchange of ideas and expertise on development activities in the region of Asia and the Far East.