Section 2 of the DAP Charter states that, to fulfill its purposes, the DAP shall have the following powers:

  1. To adopt, alter, and use a corporate seal;
  2. To take and hold in bequest, devise, gift, purchase, or lease, either absolutely or in trust for any of its purposes, any property, real or personal, without limitation as to amount or value; convey such property and to invest and reinvest any principal, and deal with and expend the income and principal of the said Academy in such manner as will best promote its objectives;
  3. To collect, receive, and maintain a fund or funds, by subscription or otherwise, and to apply the income and principal thereof to the promotion of its aims and purposes hereinbefore set out;
  4. To contract any obligation, or enter into any agreement necessary or incidental to the proper management of its corporate powers; and, in general;
  5. To carry on any activity and to have and exercise all of the powers conferred by the laws upon private or government acts and things herein set forth to the same extent as juridical persons could do, and in any part of the world, as principal, factor, agent or otherwise, alone or in syndicate or otherwise in conjunction with any person, entity, partnership, association or corporation, domestic or foreign.